Playing at Concordia University diploma ceremony

On September 24, 2015, at 6 PM I played the organ for Concordia University at what used to be Nuns’ Chapel in Montréal, situated at 1190, rue Guy, now a students’ residence.

Concordia University was holding a commemorative commencement ceremony for Loyola College graduates, who, after Concordia University purchased the college, were now receiving Concordia University diplomas.

I was the first person to use the instrument since Concordia University acquired the space. A history of the organ can be found HERE

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Launch of Fables2016

I am proud to participate in the project Fables2016, a cultural product release that will include an audio CD, a data disc, and a bilingual illustrated book featuring, among other works, my cycle of songs for baritone and piano, composed on the recently discovered and yet unpublished text of my grandfather’s fables.

The product will be released under the label Disques Benedictus. The publisher, Gutenberg publishing house (Bulgaria) will manifacture only one hundred copies of the product that will be sold at CAN$100 a copy.

Special gratitute to the sponsors who commissioned my work, Fables: Dr. Anatoli Kanev and ELGEA, Inc.

Please, visit the site of Fables2016 for more details, to sponsor the project, or to pledge the purchase of a copy.