Vocations mass at the Grand Séminaire

Today, January 29th, 2016 at 7h30, the choir of Missione Maria Ausiliatrice animated a special mass for priestly vocations at the Grand Séminaire de Montréal. Rev. Jean-Pierre Couturier conducted and I played the organ. It was broadcast live on “Salt and Light TV”


Fables2016 project update

I completed Fables for baritone and piano, commissioned jointly by ELGEA, Inc, Dr. Anatoli Kanev and Disques Benedictus, a work to be included in Fables2016, a luxury cultural product supported by a consortium of private sponsors from Canada and Bulgaria.

Singer Jean-Pierre Couturier and I are in the process of rehearsing and recording works by Fol, Casella, Dvorak, Martin, Ives and Williams for the Fables2016 disc. Ravel’s “Chansons madécasses” will be recorded with flutist Jeffrey Stonehouse and violoncellist Viviana Gosselin.

Concerts are scheduled in France, Bulgaria and Canada in the summer of 2016.

The recording sessions and mixing take place at the catholic basilica-cathedral of Montréal with Jean-Paul Desjardins and at Studio451 at Verdun.

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Unusual press presence

The newspaper La Presse covered the volunteer work of my old friend and collaborator Rev. Couturier, who collects and repears shoes for the homeless. I have been helping him for the last three years. Project Fables2016 is also mentioned.

You can read the article, dated Sunday, January 3rd 2016, HERE The photos appear only in the tablet version of the newspaper. I am including three screenshots below.