Interview for Bulgarian National Radio

On Monday, March 27th, 2017, Jean-Pierre Couturier and I were in ArtEfir on Bulgarian National Radio, which airs Mondays through Fridays between 12h30 and 14h00. Special thanks to the host, Valentina Mihailova, for her invitation.

Bulgarian National Radio link, includes Fable No. 3

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Member of a research team on acoustics

I am happy to be part of the

Panacademic project of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
“The Thracians – genesis, cultural identities, civilizational interactions and heritage from the Antiquity”
Theme 5: Acoustical research of sacred Thracian sites.

Ours is a work in progress. On March 18th and 19th, measurements were taken in the Thracian tomb and heroon in Mesek city, Bulgaria. You can see the plan below.


Our team comprises the following scientists:

Prof. Valeria Fol, Dr. Sc., Ancient History and Culture, Thracology
Institute for Balkan Studies with Centre of Thracology – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Director of the Institute for Research, Management and Preservation of Cultural-Historical Heritage at the University of Library Studies and Information Technologies – Sofia

Prof. Tihomir Trifonov, Ph.D., Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
St. Cyril and St. Methodius University – Veliko Tarnovo
Vasil Levski National Military University

Assoc Prof. Dr. Ivan Simeonov, processing of musical signals
Vasil Levski National Military University

Eng. Mag. Assistant Prof. Alexander Alexiev, Ultrasonic methods, acoustics methods; Nondestructive characterization of materials
Institute of Mechanics – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Senior research assistant, Dr. Georgi Dimkov, mathematics, musical acoustics
Institute of Mathematics and Informatics took office today – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Assoc Prof. Dr. Georgi Nehrizov, archaeologist
National Archaeological Institute with Museum ¬– Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Harry Draganov, bass
Grand Théâtre Genève

Dr. Alexandra Fol, composer
Canadian Music Centre,
LAUDEM, the Association of Liturgical Musicians of Canada,
Royal Canadian college of organists

Addition from April 1, 2017:
For an interview with Prof. Valeria Fol on this research project, click HERE

Addition from April 2, 2017:
For a report on Bulgarian National Television on this research project, click HERE

Photos: Valeria Fol; Used with permission