Article on ethics in the Journal of Anthropology (2020)

My article “Technology and Music: ethical and moral issues” was published in volume 7 (2020) of
Anthropology: Journal for Sociocultural Anthropology
Антропология: Списание за социокултурна антропология
Volume 7 (2020): ISSN 2682-9649 (Online), ISSN 2367-573-X (Print);

As per my ethical convictions that science should be publicly accessible, I aim to publish in open-access journals. Special thanks to the editor, Dr. Ana Luleva

Click HERE to read the resume and the article (in English)

The journal is published by the Ethnology and Balkan Studies Department, South-West University „Neofit Rilski“, Bulgaria. Antropologia/Anthropology. Journal for Sociocultural anthropology is a peer-reviewed journal.

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