Article in Thracia XXVI

My article “Разпознаване на музикални инструменти от непълни археологически находки и тълкуване на образи върху тракийски предмети”. was published in ThraciaXXVI. In honorem Valeria Fol. Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia (2022, Bulgaria). It constitutes a slightly expanded Bulgarian version of the article published in Harmony in Diversity in 2020.

The article can be downloaded HERE


Première of “Chromatisme hypocrite”

On May 25, 2022 at 5 PM in Manoir Outremont in Montréal took place the première of my duo “Chromatisme hypocrite” for trumpet and piano, performed by Mikaela Tolf and Dr Matthew C. Lane. I performed two works by Matthew C Lane on piano, “My love has many apples” (for piano solo) and “The Noise within” (for trumpet and piano, with Mikaela Tolf)

The concert was produced by Innovation en concert.

Première of “Offrande musicale” and the LAUDEM organ anthology

On May 15, 2022 at 14h I performed the première of the first liturgical organ anthology of Canadian music, published by LAUDEM Éditions. The programme included by “Offrande musicale”, commissioned by LAUDEM, the Association of liturgical musicians of Canada

Complete programme (click on links for the videos)

Jeff Smallman : In manus tuas
Graeme Shields : Descent
Emily Hiemstra : Aurora
Olivia Korosak : Morgan’s Organ
Matthew Lane : Prélude sur la résurrection de l’esprit
Henrique Coe : Méditation sur l’Ave Maria
Alexandra Fol : Offrande musicale
Emily Doolittle : Becoming
Moe Touizrar: Marche
Jean-Pierre Couturier : Chaconne d’offertoire
Tate Pumfrey : Lux in tenebris
John Rea : Quantus tremor est futurus

The poster says 13h, but the concert did indeed take place at 14h

Opposing the motion performed by El Perro Andaluz

On May 6, 2022 at 19h30, the El Perro Andaluz international ensemble conducted by Yixuan Wang, together with guest soloist Jessica Aszodi (Australia) performed the première of the Sinfonietta version of my work Opposing the motion in the Hygiene museum in Dresden, Germany at a concert carrying the same name. The programme included works by Waldeck, Ivicevic, Bang and Nemtsov

Opposing the motion is set to the Hon. Julia Gillard’s famous mysogyny speech. She graciously allowed the use of her words for all versions of this project. You can listen to the live recording HERE