One of Zonta Internation (D30)’s 100 women

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of Zonta International, as part of the worldwide celebrations and events, the Chapter of District 30 published a bilingual book containing the biography of 100 women who have influenced history and helped the advancement of women. I am honored to be included in the collection, together with female anti-slavery leaders, at least two sgaints, two nobel laureates and a queen, a number of poets and artists.

DISCLAIMER: I did not approve the text and the biography published is at least 10 years out of date. There are factual mistakes. My mother is a Thracologist, not an archaeologist.


Launch of my cycle of organ interludes

On 14. X 2019, during the annual study day of LAUDEM, the Association of Liturgical Musicians of Canada, Gabrielle Tessier gave a conference on organ repertoire suitable for liturgy and concert and officially presented the recently completed commissioning project Organ Interludes. The cycle that I composed took over a year to realize and is supported by five sponsors:

  1. Hélène Paul, art sponsor
  2. His Excellency Monseigneur Lionel Gendron, bishop of Saint-Jean-Longueuil
  3. The Vital Organ Project
  4. Christian Lane, organist
  5. Rev. Robert Gendreau, director of Pastoral Services at the Diocese of Montréal

The run-through of Interlude IV that took place during the conference, can be seen HERE

The score is now available at the Canadian Music Centre and can be ordered HERE



Largest annual religious gathering in QC

The Conferenza dei sacerdoti italiani di Montréal once again invited me to accompany the joint Italian choirs for the annual pilgrimage of the Italian communities at Saint-Joseph Oratory. In this year 2019, the event took place on September 29, at 3 PM. Music director: Jean-Pierre Couturier; conductor: Giovanna Furci.

Click HERE for a video of Pane del Cielo. Click HERE for a video of Colui che ama
Click HERE for a video and photo compilatiton by the official videographer
Photos below: Andrew Macfarlane



Playing for the dedication of a church

A unique occurence in the life of every church musician – the opportunity to play for the dedication of a church. On Saturday, August 10th, 2019, during the annual festa of Missione Maria Ausiliatrice, the ceremony starting with a long procession and was followed by the dedication, presided by His Excellency, Christian Lépine.

Click HERE for Photos by Alife Photography
Click HERE for a partial video of the procession only (20 min.)
Click HERE for a video summary of the procession and the celebration (33 min.)


Thracian Solstice Ritual with my music

On June 21st at sunrise, my music accompanied for the third time in a row the restored Thracian Solstice Ritual at the Kabyle Sanctuary. The music, commissioned by the Yambol History Museum, accompanies the liturgy. I attended as invited artist of the Yambol Days Festival, where I also performed a concert on June 20th with baritone Jean-Pierre Couturier.

For a TV reportage of Diana Cable TV of the Thracian ritual (2’15), click HERE

Concert with J.-P. Couturier in Yambol, Bulgaria

On June 20th 2019 at 18h, Jean-Pierre Couturier and I performed a concert as part of the Days of Yambol annual festival. The concert, sole event of the day, included sets of French, English and Italian selections, as well as my works Mila-Rode for organ, Salve, Regina, for baritone and organ, and Jean-Pierre Couturier’s Te Deum, first original work in the Mohawk language, which I sang and he played at the organ.

To watch a Pre- and review of Diana Cable TV (2’23), click HERE

This was the first of two events this year that featured my work.
Photos: Oleg Konstantinov